In order to introduce a more compact version of its multispectal long-range imagery sensor to new markets, UTC Aerospace Systems needed a video presentation which would effectively demonstrate the new sensor’s capabilities.


UTC Aerospace Systems is one of the world’s largest suppliers of technologically advanced aerospace and defense products. 

UTC wanted to introduce the technology of a proven, long-range, high-altitude, multispectal sensor into a more compact sensor package with increased capabilities for new markets.

The SYERS-3 Multispectral Long Range Imagery Sensor is a next generation multispectral sensor which enables mission commanders to gain improved image processing application performance, enhanced situation awareness, moving target indication, and stereo operation for a wide variety of mission conditions.


Inventive created a video presentation which demonstrated the capabilities of the sensor package on some of the most globally deployed airframe platforms.

With its new video sales tool, UTC is able to tap into new markets around the world and help potential customers understand the capabilities of its new, compact multispectal sensor packages.