Textron Systems


Rebrand and launch Textron Systems’ next generation Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (TUAS), representing the production model of the developmental Shadow® M2.


Building upon their lineage of Tactical Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Textron Systems sought to rebrand and launch the company's next generation platform at The Paris Air Show, the world's premier and largest event dedicated to the aviation and space industry.


During product development, Inventive began working with the Textron Systems team to create a new brand identity for this next generation TUAS. In assisting with both product name, NIGHTWARDEN™, and design aesthetic development to communicate product capabilities, Inventive positioned the launch to align well with potential customers.

In the lead-up to the launch at the Paris Air Show, Inventive produced teaser post-launch assets for web marketing, media images, launch invites, launch video, and product capability vignettes to help bridge aesthetics to the production ready marketing story.

The launch of NIGHTWARDEN™ was a success at Paris Airshow with positive results and broad aviation media coverage.

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The Inventive team became my creative family and they never once let me down. When it came to helping me launch an international rebrand, they were driven to make the multi-year campaign an international success. From the look and feel of the imagery, advertisements, videos and communication strategy to the way we reshaped the conversation taking place in my industry — Inventive was there to help me understand the audience, how to disrupt the status quo and push the expectations for my future customers. I will chose the Inventive team time and time again.
— Taylor Cox - Marketing & Communications Business Partner, Textron Systems