Safway Sales Tool


Inventive has a long-term partnership with Safeway providing marketing content and materials in support of their diverse industrial services portfolio. Leveraging past branding work and company identity materials, Inventive is creating an interactive sales tool to give field reps a consistent set of materials to present the Safeway brand and their capabilities.

Inventive collected and reviewed all existing sales materials and streamlined all the content by rewriting and redesigning all the materials to work more effectively in the sales presentation. Inventive created an intuitive navigation and delivered an integrated sales tool that currently is in version 1.0 release to the sales team. Quarterly update releases are planned and will be fully deployed at the end of 2017.






With the acquisition of new companies and an expanding portfolio, Safway needed a new sales tool to help streamline their diverse products, solutions and industries.  The sales tool would need to provide a seamless navigation through the product categories and offer images of the product in use. The offline tool was developed specifically for computers used in the field, and offers presenters a comprehensive visually unique approach to selling Safway as a brand and the company’s services to a variety of industries. Inventive created the Safway City menu and layout. Designed the icons, infographics and wrote copy for summary PDFs that organized the Safway portfolio of products by use.


Safway Group offers the largest inventory of scaffolding in the US and Canada. Their services span from experienced engineers and project management to unique solutions to cover the widest range of industrial projects and to help get jobs done with the optimum safety and productivity.