Textron Systems Brand Overview

Our visual identity uniquely and distinctively sets us apart from our competitors and has been created to represent our organization, and reflects our values, personality, ambitions and our people.This document provides guidance for successful implementation and use of our visual identity, to ensure consistent application across all aspects of our business. When possible templates have been created to make it easy to create and use materials provided in this brand guideline. All available templates for general use can be found at: http://eric2-1.textron.com/TextronSystems/TSC_COM_DPT/Templates/Pages/default.aspx

Primary Colors

The Textron Blue is an essential part of our brand identity and heritage. Combined with Textron Systems Black and Orange a distinct style is created, which is simple to use and powerful through its simplicity. We’ve defined a core set of colors and the colors between those reflect the openness of the system – showing how you could filter the defined colors at various values.