TRU Simulation & Training was a newly established brand with cutting-edge capabilities. But it needed to communicate that to both civil and military markets and key industry events.


TRU was formed in 2014 when previously acquired simulator manufacturers Mechtronix and OPINICUS were merged with part of Textron Systems division Business jet training provider ProFlight, was acquired and merged later that year.

Textron wanted to use trade show marketing to effectively launch and position the new TRU brand as a pioneering leader in flight simulation and training for the civil and military markets.


Inventive created powerful branding and marketing materials to effectively position TRU as a proven aviation leader and highlight its expertise and capabilities as a company.

By effectively positioning TRU in this way, event attendees immediately perceived the value of TRU as a brand, and received a strong message about the company’s capabilities, experience, and objectives, thereby incentivizing future business relationships.