Inbound 2018


For the third year running, we sent some of our team members off to the Inbound conference, hosted by Hubspot. Conference highlights included the chance to hear from industry leaders, meet attendees from across the world with the common interest of marketing, and learn about upcoming trends in marketing and communications. 

The theme of this year’s conference seemed to be introspection… well, sort of. With the kickoff-keynote featuring doctor and wellness guru Deepak Chopra, attendees spent the hour learning about the pillars of wellness and meditating in a room of several thousand people. Later, Beth Comstock took the stage and spoke about realizing personal strengths and weaknesses, the power of believing in yourself, and granting yourself permission to make mistakes. Other speakers included Shonda Rhimes, Alex Rodriguez, and Lena Waithe. Each keynote spoke about the importance of making mistakes, and then learning from them—a lesson that can be applied to personal and business growth.