New Years in Miami Beach...Oh and Some Work

January 9, 2018


For the last several years, the leadership meeting we produce for Textron has coincided with New Years. Before the busy week, our team had a little bit of fun, “Work hard, play hard” as they say. Coincidently, our hotel was hosting a New Years Eve bash, featuring Demi Lovato & Kygo. Our team learned an important lesson that night. All you need for a great New Years Eve is: a few bottles of champagne, a balcony within eye and ear shot of the concert, and a strong wireless signal to FaceTime your friends at midnight informing them that work life is “really rough right now”.

Back to the real reason we were in Miami, Textron's Global Leadership Meeting. The many moving parts including, general sessions, Chairman's Award dinner, team building, and post communications were executed flawlessly. What's our secret? A little team effort, some fun and a lot of coffee.