Sherman + Reilly is a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for underground and aerial transmission, as well as distributors of electrical power and communications systems. They needed a sales tool that would help them stand out in the underground and aerial transmission industry, while giving its sales representatives the opportunity to cross-sell and increase sales.


Sherman + Reilly needed a sales presentation that would help them stand out in the industry and highlight their improvements. With sales representatives located across the country, the company needed an easy to use, consistent and intuitive sales presentation: one that not only provided critical product information, but allowed its sales representatives to tailor the presentation to an audience’s specific needs - all while keeping a focus on their number one differentiator: safety.


Inventive designed and created a non-linear presentation - one that would allow each sales rep to pick and choose which sections they wanted to present. A navigation for the presentation was created, much like you would have with a website.  This allowed users to navigate through specific product lines, company overviews, safety features, and services.

Sherman + Reilly ended up with a beautifully designed presentation that contained hyperlinks to the company website, was adaptable and easy to use, and had a consistent look and feel. The presentation has greatly enhanced the sales team’s ability to seamlessly cross-sell products and increase sales to existing customers.