The Challenge

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BrandSafway, a structural access provider with the largest scaffolding inventory in the US and Canada, sought a new sales tool to help streamline their diverse products, solutions, and industries as they grow through new acquisitions and an expanding portfolio.

The Approach

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Identifying the need for an offline sales tool presentation to be used in the field and on construction sites, our team created a cohesive 3D representation of the company’s four core markets. We designed all content, video animations, and PDFs within the tool to allow customization unique to varied representatives’ and customers’ situations.

The Value

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Leveraging past branding work and company identity materials, our team created an interactive tool giving field representatives and key account managers a consistent set of sales materials to cross-sell in different markets. The tool’s intuitive navigation highlights key offerings and thirty-six products-in-action animations, consisting of forty branded documents and nine videos, each pinpointing unique solutions BrandSafway provides.

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